Monday, August 19

I'm going to the Taste Trekkers Conference

Remember this Kickstarter video I was in? 

 Thanks to the love of supporters on Kickstarter, the conference is happening this September and I will be there to provide some conference coverage. One of my favorite food blogger activities is attending and writing about food conferences because it's exciting and informative and there are always goodie bags. Let's be honest, who doesn't love free swag?

Over the last 5 months after Taste Trekkers received its funding, the founder, Seth, has been working hard to shape a great conference lineup. Check out this video for the new website and guest speakers.

 I'm beyond excited for Waterfire on Saturday night. I've been lugging my DSLR with me everywhere trying to practice photography so when Waterfire happens, I'll capture the perfect shots. *cross my fingers*

Long time readers of the blog who have witnessed me provide conference coverage at three Foodbuzz Festivals in San Francisco and my live blogging coverage of BlogHer Food in Austin know what happens when Ngoc covers a conference. My social media accounts blow up with updates.
If you're interested in feeling like you're there with me, please follow my social media accounts. On the off chance there are any Providence readers here,  I hope to see you in September!

Taste Trekkers Website

Due to technical errors, many backlinks before 2012 do not work so if you're interested, here are the links to previous conference posts.
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Foodbuzz 2010 Part 2
Foodbuzz 2011 Part 1
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Foodbuzz 2012
BlogHer Food 2013 Part 1
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Atlanta IFAMA 2013 

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