Tuesday, November 9

Foodbuzz Blogger Festival 2010 Pt 1

What was I doing at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco last weekend? Secret rendezvous with mysterious lovers? Nope, just good ole eating, and talking about food at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival. By the way, the Sir Francis Drake is right next to Harry Denton's Starlight Room where Philsky and I first met. Aww...the drunken memories...

My morning events contained 3 workshops, the most exciting of which was Chef Mary Sue Milliken's fish taco demonstration. Mary Sue Milliken is co-owner of Border Grill in LA and Vegas. I was also told she appeared as a judge on Top Chef but I can't verify that. Her business partner Susan was also on Top Chef Masters. 

While being wildly entertaining and charming, Mary Sue whipped up some delicious salmon tacos and halibut tacos.

On to the Metreon we went for the Tasting Pavilion.

My first stop was at Saag's sausage for a variety of cured meats and sausages to hit my savory spot. The chicken and fennel sausage on the far right was so delicious I went back for more.

Mushroom soup that took me back to the Healdsburg Wine Road trip where we had the best mushroom soup ever. This one was delicious too but not even a close second. NOT EVEN!

Mission Minis was being filmed by Food Network. I don't know what they were filming for but I'll fill you in with my own BS. "Food Network is filming Mission Minis on their journey as David against the cupcake world's Goliaths!" *I'm available for speaking gigs and marketing engagements* By the way, look for me on Food Network when they air this program, you may catch a glimpse of my hand reaching for a cupcake, or the top of my head.

All joking aside, I do wish Mission Minis the best of luck because these mini cupcakes are delectable! My sweet tooth is just a baby one and this cupcake is a perfect baby cupcake. Regular sized cupcakes are often too much for me and hence, the mini cupcake in its bite sized heroism saves the day. (vanilla left, red velvet right)

Butternut squash soup from I forgot which vendor. It was just okay.

help him, he's melting...

I waited forever and a day to try Chef Milliken's fish tacos made from the recipe she demonstrated. Were they worth it? The halibut was and the salsa and dressings were but not the salmon. I don't like salmon cooked all the way through so this just didn't hit my taste palate. But she did make an awesome citrus salsa though.

Prancher Meat Co beef dogs. Oh this was so good. I wanted to just cut them up into little pieces and eat them together with Saag's chicken fennel sausage and have a hotdog/sausage salad.

Organic strawberry ice cream. meh.

 Nature's Pride gave away all this bread.

This salad was a no go. Feta cheese? Goat cheese? Either way, the cheese was too much. I only ate the persimmon slices and nibbled on the poached pears.

To prevent you from overloading, I'll save the dinner review for another time. Just know that Foodbuzz is great, the food was great, the people were friendly, the whole thing exciting!


  1. So cool! I wish I could have gone!

  2. You should go next year. It was a blast and I'd love to meet you one day.

  3. It was a pleasure meeting you! Stop by Gina's site and let her know where you are. She was looking for your blog. Hope to keep in touch.



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