Saturday, January 21

Rubio's Coastal Grill - Grand Opening - San Jose

We are never disappointed when we dine at Rubio's Coastal Grill. I prefer Mexican dishes with seafood in it and Rubio's offers healthy options. We were recently invited to soft opening for the newest San Jose location on Brokaw. We dined on our favorite dishes and tried a new burrito we never had before.

($8.99) The Cilantro Lime Rice Bowl is my favorite because it has no tortillas, cheese, and uses black beans rather than refried beans. These are the ingredients which often feel too heavy for me in Mexican food. The fish this season is Mahi Mahi with the option for blackened or grilled. Mine is blackened. The cilantro lime rice is light with delicate flavor and the fish was done perfectly. 

($10.49) Cabo Plate - this is my husband's favorite and one of the best sellers for Rubio's. What's not to love? It's probably the best value too. There's the original fish taco with delicious fried fish. Then a full sized shrimp burrito, chips, and refried beans. 

There's no better way to spice up a Wednesday night dinner than a Modelo. And for the health nut in me, an antioxidant drink from Bai.

For the baby, we ordered a grilled salmon burrito because he loves salmon. He filled up on the chips and guacamole instead. Toddlers...

The waitress came by with a tray of desserts, which are all available in store regularly, and we got to sample all their cookies. Snickerdoodle and chocolate chips are always a hit.

The new Rubio's is in the same complex as the latest Sprouts Farmers Market. The plaza is really going to be bustling once all the stores open. I think Rubio's picked a great spot and the residents nearby are in for a treat. 

Rubio's Coastal Grill
1078 E. Brokaw Road
San Jose CA, 95131


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  2. All the dishes which you have mentioned looks so delicious and mouth-watering. What other dishes do they have in their menu? Is it economical? I will give it a visit soon.

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