Monday, September 19

Sprouts Farmers Market Opens New Location on Brokaw Rd - San Jose

One of our favorite grocery stores in the South Bay just opened a new location in San Jose on Brokaw Road. This is the third store in San Jose. The location is in a brand new plaza still under construction. In fact, Sprouts is the only store open while none of the others even have signage yet. Recently, we were given a gift card from Sprouts to shop at this new store and write a post. 

Here are things that are different than other Sprouts stores I've seen.

There is a salad bar. Great side salads like quinoa, tabouleh, and fixings for a DIY salad are available with 8 dressing options. Of course, the usual olive bar is there as well.

Stop by for a sandwich at the sandwich line for lunch while you do your grocery shopping. Our other usual Sprouts locations don't have this option. It's a great addition.

While all Sprouts carry ready-to-heat meals, the selection at this store is much better. Any of these can be heated for a quick healthy dinner at home.

You can eat your lunch or relax after shopping in this Recharge and Relax area.

We usually go to Sprouts because I like the prices for their fresh seasonal fruits and produce. This store has an interesting offering of exotic fruits like passion fruit (above) and kiwano melons.

A typical weekly haul for our family looks like this. We buy our meat from Costco twice a month so I only need to get produce and fruits weekly. This is about $40+ worth.
- 2 bunches of lacinato kale
- 2 packs of strawberries
- 2 packs of blueberries
- mini watermelon
- zucchini for zoodles
- fresh mozzarella
- 2 packs of grape tomatoes
- 3 half gallon bottles of Straus Family Organic Whole Milk for our son
- as much dried chile mango slices as my heart desires

This is one of the best Sprouts locations I have been to. If you are in the area, make this one your default.

  • 1028 E. Brokaw Rd.
  • San JoseCA 95131

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