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Product Review - Baby Lotions for Eczema, Diaper Rash, Yeast Infections

We are caught in such a rigid lotion routine here because my son's skin is so sensitive. He gets eczema in the summer from heat and dryness. This winter we are dealing with dry skin from the cold and irritation from his drool. Just recently he started having yeast infections in his diaper area which has spread to his belly button and his armpit?!? How did it get there? Ahh. Well here are the products I use to deal with these issues. If you have any suggestions, I'm open to hearing them.

 This is an example of eczema patches on his right side. It was more red in person and there were some patches on his body.

*Hooray for me finally getting my video to be under 4 mins* 
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We use this one for everyday, full body coverage. It's good for babies without sensitive skin who don't need something stronger.

We use this lotion when he has eczema flare ups. It's more effective than the Aveeno above. I'm actually just waiting to finish the Aveeno bottle and will use this Eucerin one for everyday use.

Cortizone 10
Check with your doctor before you use Hydrocortisone. The over the counter version has 1% steroid which is a very small amount and should still be safe for use. I checked with my doctor and I still use it sparingly. This creme is very effective for eczema flare ups. One or two applications and the redness fades away. Then I go back to using Eucerin until the next flare up.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment
This ointment is a great multi-purpose one to keep around. The jar lasts a long time. In the winter we use it for his dry skin all over his body. It works wonders for dry skin caused by cold weather and drool on his face. Otherwise, we use it with every diaper change.

Aquaphor Diaper Rash Cream
When diaper rashes get too red, one or two applications of this cream clears it up right away. It works much better for diaper rash than the one above but it is not a multi-purpose cream.

Lotrimin AF - Antifungal for Jock Itch
For yeast infections, we use antifungal cream, active ingredient is Clotrimazole so any brand should be ok. Please check with your doctor use of this too. We knew he had a yeast infection because his diaper rash was more red than usual, did not go away despite using all the usual creams above, persisted for 5 days. It also ended up spreading to his armpit and the creases of his thighs. The nurse told us to soak him in a baking soda bath for 10 mins at a time, three times a day. Then use the Lotrimin three times a day. Also put regular diaper rash cream on top of lotrimin. After a week, this combination of treatment cleared up the infection.

This is an example of how smooth his skin can be when he's not irritated by anything.


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  6. I put foderma serum on my eczema flares and it usually clears it up within 3 days. This is the best serum I have used for eczema that is not prescription medication.

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