Thursday, December 17

Fungus Fair 2015 - San Francisco

The annual Fungus Fair in San Francisco wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. It's more of an educational science fair than it was a food festival. Somehow I imagined I would be walking around eating mushrooms all day. There were several vendors selling exotic mushrooms and mushroom growing kits as well as artists with mushroom themed cards. Well regardless of my expectations, there were many cool live mushrooms to be seen. Here are some highlights. I don't know the names of anything though so the pictures will speak for themselves.

You can buy these blocks of mushrooms to eat.

In the center of the room, there were displays with live mushrooms and trees. It was a recreation of the outdoor environment. Very cool!

This is medicinal

These are edible

These are poisonous

These are mushroom art
This super cool quilt is made from old T-shirts for the past fungus fairs. This event has been around since 1969! 

The following are pieces of art made by putting a mushroom cap on white paper and covering it with a bowl so the spores release in a pattern. 

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