About Me

Name: Ngoc
(pronounced "knock")
Contact: sanjosefoodblog@gmail.com

I started this blog in 2009 in order to achieve a personal goal of showing the world my life through my eyes. Actually, through my words. The blog was originally called San Jose, Love, inspired by the movie Paris, Je Taime meaning "Paris, I Love You" because San Jose, I do love you. Naturally showing my life meant showing my city. And where does food come in? Well this girl just loves to eat and cook and writers write best when drawing from their own life experiences. It did not take long for me to realize the more appropriate name for the blog was San Jose Food Blog. Also, San Jose Love repeatedly came up on searches for dating sites - not quite my forte.

My Bachelor's of Arts is in English and I completed my MBA, studying Supply Chain Management. I have a full time job working at "The Company" and I blog as a hobby. In this blog, I cover restaurant reviews, food events, and my travels. I am just a normal girl who loves food, writing, and photography. You can learn a bit more about the blogger I have been in the last 4 years from my old About Me page.


Unless otherwise stated, I pay for my own food and products. Posts that are sponsored or compensated will be disclaimed.
For business inquiries, please email me.


All photos on this blog are mine unless I cite a different source. I shoot with a Canon 60D, iPhone6, or Canon point and shoot.

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