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Product Review - Baby Bottles - Dr. Brown's Options Narrow

I have been testing this bottle for a few months and finally have time to upload a video about it. This post is not sponsored, I received a sample bottle for free when I signed up for a mailing list. 
Dr. Brown's released a new bottle this year that is supposed to address the concerns from their previous line: large bulky body, too many parts to wash, doesn't work without the vent. See my last bottle review for a refresher. Here are my thoughts.

Photo from Dr. Brown's site
Dr. Brown's Options Narrow Bottle - 4 oz

The bottle is meant to work with or without vent by having a different type of nipple and ring that does not leak, pretty much what Avent does. The body is slimmer which is a very nice modification even compared to Avent.

Video version of my review here:
Photo from Dr. Brown's site

Photo from Dr. Brown's site
However, the cons of this bottle are that it has a small and narrow nipple. The soft nipple with a large base was Dr. Brown's biggest selling point as it was closest to the real breast. This new Options bottle loses that feature which is unfortunate because having the ability to use the bottle without vent isn't a strong enough selling point versus the realistic nipple. While the bottle can be used without vent, the flow is significantly slower without the vent. So to really optimize the performance, you should still use it with the vent, thus there would still be as many parts to wash. 

Overall, I think Dr. Brown's is making progress with the new design. A slimmer body is a good feature. But the other improvements are not enough to get me to switch from Avent

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