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Product Review - Baby Bottles - Dr. Brown - Avent - Munchkin Bottle Cleaner - Dr. Brown Microwave Sterilizer

Being a mother is one of the craziest and hardest jobs I've ever had. The learning curve is steep and fast. I knew nothing going into it but babies are effective teachers and mine made sure I learned how to take care of him quickly. Everyone has their own journey and I would like to share mine in product reviews. I'm going to post a series of baby product reviews that will hopefully provide some would-be parents an insight into what brands and products to buy for their needs. Here are my thoughts on Avent and Dr. Brown baby bottles.

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I started out fully investing in the Dr. Brown's family of products.

Dr. Brown's Starter Set - comes with three 9 oz bottles and two 4 oz bottles, 3 pipe cleaner brushes. They work just fine but are a hassle to clean. Advertised to reduce colic. I couldn't tell the difference.

Dr. Brown's Microwave Sterilizer - Works great. Easy to use. Fits in any standard microwave. Much faster than boiling water.

Dr. Brown's Bottle Cleaner - Most bottle cleaners are standard. It was my personal preference not to use one with a sponge on top. It needs to be sanitized and replaced often. I'd rather just get the bristle only brushes.

Munchkin Bottle Cleaner - I preferred this brush more. It comes with a twist out smaller brush used for cleaning nipples and small parts. A very convenient option.

The Avent brand is my favorite right now. I have so many of their products and hope to stick with it as the parts are compatible with each other.

Avent Natural 4 oz 4 pack - The Natural bottles are rounder and meant to be more natural for the hand to grip. I find them a little bulky. I send 5 bottles with my baby to my mom's house each day and these don't fit as neatly into the cooler bag.

Avent Classic 4 oz 5 pack - I prefer the Classic bottles more for their convenient slim size. I bought 8 bottles.

Avent Classic 11oz 3 pack - This size is quite large for any baby but I wanted the flexibility. I could freeze milk or pump into this bottle. I only bought 3. With the 3 large Dr. Brown's ones, I have 6 large ones for when my son grows up.

Avent Sealing Disc - These sealing discs are so handy. They convert all Avent rings (Natural or Classic) into closed caps. The caps make the bottles into storage containers. I freeze breast milk or store pureed food in any bottles I don't use. 

Avent Sippy Cup - It's too early for sippy cups but I took advantage of a product discontinued by the manufacturer. For some reason these green bottles aren't manufactured anymore even though they're just as great as other Avent cups. I'm currently using the bottles with the Classic rings and nipples

Munchkin Bottle Warmer - I don't mention this one in the video. It's the bottle warmer I use and it's been really great. It fits all the bottle sizes mentioned above. When I put pureed food into the Classic bottles, I can use the warmer to heat it up. I prefer not to microwave food that my baby gets. I'm hippy like that. This warmer has a digital timer. The directions have a chart for how many minutes are required to warm up how many ounces.

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