Monday, November 30

Thanksgiving 2015 Recap - Three dinners and a Turkey Trot

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? It's a great time for food with family and friends even though many have come to view Thanksgiving as a pre-Christmas. Our life with baby now means Thanksgiving is slightly different than last year. Less Black Friday shopping and more time relaxing at home. Or in our cases, recovering from colds. We did brave the actual weather cold and ran the 10K Silicon Valley Turkey Trot this year. Our times were slow of course. Everyone is out of shape but this was more running than I had done in a while so I'm still proud.

The wee one came out as a reindeer.

Dinner with the In-Laws
Not pictured. No one took any pictures before we ate. Trust me, it happened and it was delicious.

I was very impressed with the food at Friendsgiving. It's hard to believe that it was prepared by mostly males. *clap clap*
Juicy steak

Pesto pasta with sausages

Alfredo pasta with chicken

Ribs, yum

Guacamole made fresh

Potato casserole. It's like scalloped potatoes but with mashed potatoes underneath

Kale chips

I brought some Blue Isle spread that I recently received. Review to come in a later post.

Thanksgiving dinner with my family

I made a rib roast with my own spice rub.

I thought it came out a perfect medium rare but my mom thought otherwise. She cut it up into very small thin slices and then microwaved it. (insert side eyes emoji here) sigh...

Green beans and garlic


Vietnamese goi salad with pickled carrots, cucumbers, and pork belly

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  1. Dazzling food ! I visited with my family and loved the taste. Very mesmerizing indeed !



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