Monday, May 3

New York 2010 - Food Carts

One of the most popular things about New York is their food carts and trucks. I still miss these food carts because the portions were just right and food is so convenient. In fact, I'm going to dedicate a whole entry to foods from carts and trucks.
First up, hot dog carts. This particular one wasn't a famous cart or anything. I'm sure they're all franchises but we just had to try it. Here I am mean mugging before my first NY hot dog. First NY food of the whole trip actually.

Hi, I'm Oscar, I'm a hot dog from New York. 

Hi Oscar, it's very nice to eat- I mean meet you...

The choice was churro vs. pizza pretzel. I chose pizza pretzel. Wrong choice!

I had to wash that awful pizza pretzel down with something. Ah, New York Life Juice cart. Fresh fruit smoothie is just what the doctor ordered. Note my quick menu browsing whilst pulling out wallet maneuver.

I had to pair my drink with some chicken and rice from the halal cart nearby.

Partially eaten chicken and rice and smoothie. All of which was so yummy I wanted to go back for seconds but le sigh, a stomach only holds so much.

Meanwhile, Phil waited 20 minutes in line for a Philly cheese steak because his name is in it. Kudos to that guy who runs the whole truck by himself - that line was long.

Philly cheese steak was worth the wait.

On a separate occasion, after having some drinks, we saw the waffle truck and it looked so good we just had to stop by...

 ...for the yummiest softest liege waffles I've ever had. Topped with nutella, strawberries and powdered sugar. Man I miss this one alot too.

Food carts and trucks have got to be one of the most convenient forms of food vending I've seen, next to vending machines but meh they're not so great. You step right off the subway or out of Forever 21 and there are food options everywhere. Tourists in NY will never go hungry. The food is quick, fresh, and affordable. Although the really popular carts will still have long lines, it still beats paying tax and tip. Couldn't find yelp links for carts so this entry ends here.


  1. you would talk to your hot dog

  2. Wow, way to save up most food places on one blog entry...You're probably already running low

  3. hi N,

    i heart new york.
    the last eating out while satayed there was,
    blueburry pancakes at a old-fashioned diner in upper east side.
    oh, i miss them!

    enjoy every bite while you can!




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