Sunday, May 9

New York 2010 - Sightseeing

New York has so much to offer besides just food and despite the misconception one person has about this blog being a purely foodie blog, I want to write about people, places, and things also. I'm not big on art and I didn't visit any museums in New York but there were so many cool statues and buildings just out on the streets. I want to show you all the cool things I posed with in New York.

The famous Wall Street Bull

We had to fight a large crowd of Korean tourists to get these pictures.

The balls were much more popular than the head for obvious reasons.

The Vietnam War Memorial Plaza in New York is not to be mistaken for the famous black walls in Washington DC. But it's still cool to visit because this war was very important to my culture and I had to check it out.

frosted glass tiles. Sidebar: I always dress like shit on vacation because I wear what I want to wear and then it gets cold and I throw Phil's large man-jacket over it, destroying the entire outfit.

I found Go Cong, Vietnam on the map, where yours truly was born.

I'd love to have been the artist who said hmm let me paint this cube red and poke a hole through it and call it art. oh I kidd I kidd. BTW, I'm the only thing saving that man from a crushing death, so he should really thank me.

Oh man, this is so heavy.

The Washington Square Arc was very pretty at night.

But it was even prettier from the other side where you can see the Empire State Building through the middle. Excuse the blurriness.

Here's a clearer pic taken by someone who's hobby is photography and you can totally tell the difference. pretty Empire State Building peeping through.

The big globe across from Central Park. Looks like something out of Metropolis. I half expect Superman to fly up and perch on top of the globe.

Water fountain at the entrance to Central Park. There is water but it is not fountaining.

What I like to call the Christopher Columbus statue in front of the Time Warner building/mall thing.

tee hee

ah tee hee hee

I know there's so much more great artwork to see around New York but we just couldn't see it all. I especially loved the last two statues because New York is so daring to allow those statues. I love freedom of expression!

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  1. Hey Ngoc, I just found your blog! It makes me realize how I've missed your quirky sense of humor. I love food and I love your humor so this is going into my RSS feed! BTW, my dad's side of the family is from Go Cong! I didn't know you were from the same hood!



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