Wednesday, May 12

New York 2010 - Patsy's Pizza

I wanted to categorize my entries by touristy things and non-touristy things but it seems that everything you do in New York is touristy, including eating a slice of pizza. For our slice, we picked Patsy's Pizzeria, a yelp beloved establishment.

After ordering and picking our own toppings, our alcoholic selves started the night with a not-enough-beer-in-a-small-mug and a glass of just-aite-white wine.
Me and SL posing for a pic with empty plates. The anticipation builds...
 Cousins VL and PL looking cute. I'm the only one who's last name doesn't start with L. Yay for being an odd ball. Anyway, the anticipation builds some more....
And here you  have it, a New York thin crust pizza with sausage, mushroom, bell peppers and basil leaf for garnishes. How do I rate this? New Yorkers don't hate me but I thought it was just ok. Maybe a little watery. To be fair, I was not a fan of thin crust to begin with. However, to be more fair, this pizza didn't convince me to change teams from the deep dish. So when I tell people that they have to try the pizza in New York, I'm not saying it because it was the best pizza I've ever had but rather because it's one of those touristy things you must do - like seeing the Statue of Liberty or posing with bulls balls and a giant penis.

Patsy's in Greenwich on Yelp 
(maybe it's our fault for not going to the original Patsy's which was rated higher)

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