Thursday, April 29

New York 2010 - Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Finally, it's the beginning of a series of entries you've all been waiting for, New York. [insert something about a concrete jungle where dreams are made of here]. I'm going to start with an entry that's not about food. *gasp*

Like the first immigrants to America, we started our journey at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Here we are at Battery Park waiting to board the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Off the coast, there is the Merchant Mariner Monument depicting a scene from a sinking merchant ship. Not to belittle the heroism or the artwork but do their faces have to look so melty?

Cold ass ride on the ferry.

 Crowded tourists on the ferry looking back at Manhattan.

Sticking it up her backside. 
(If you were searching for porn and typed in the previous phrase only to find my blog and this picture, I'm sorry but there will be no XXX for you here).

Could my eyes BE any Asianer?

View of Ellis Island from the ferry. I'm sure many of America's greatest figures have ancestors who landed on this island but it was rather boring. 

Inside the building, there are educational displays about our immigration history. Outside in the courtyard there is also a wall with the names of all the immigrants who have passed through the island. Sadly, no one with my last name. Buncha Ng's and maybe one Nguyen.


  1. Wow. New York looks hella fun already. I can't wait to read more!

  2. Hi,

    nice photo of you and your friend (or boyfriend). I hope you will do some trips in upcoming summer :)
    Btw. Ellis Island is really nice from aerial view. This cam shot Ellis Island and New York :) rly nice view, something similar when u enter torch at Statue of Liberty.



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