Tuesday, April 20

Catch of the Day - Miami, FL

I will be in New York for a few days, not like you guys will notice since my updates have been so scarce. Anyway, since I know I'll be out and about for the next few weeks, here's a little summin summin to hold you over. From one vacation to the next, please enjoy a sampling of pictures from my 2008 Florida vacation, Miami style.
Catch of the Day exterior

Peel and eat bucket of shrimp. Yum Yum until you find that the last half of the bucket is just ice. Boo to things not looking like what they are. But it was still good.

Towards the bottom you see the plate of oyster shooters and right above that, you see my uneven tan. hah! Tanning evenly without getting skin cancer is so hard. Sometimes I think I just want to be all pale, at least it's an even skin tone without any of the work.

Teaser for next time. Paella from a Puerto Rican restaurant where we crazily over ordered.

Did I say this was a sampling of pictures? And a sampling it was indeed. I don't remember as far as two years back so this is not much of a review. But I hope you've enjoyed the pictures. Until next time...

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