Wednesday, March 31

Mom's Tofu House - South San Francisco

And here we are back to the Peninsula and North Bay. I promise I will review places in San Jose more but usually when I'm here, I'm working or hanging out with my fam fam. Anyway, last week's outing was Korean food at mom's Tofu House in South San Francisco. For anyone not from the Bay, this is not the south part of San Francisco, this is its own city. It's like if Cupertino was called West San Jose. A city deserves it's own name sometimes.

It was packed for a Friday night so we were standing outside waiting, when Mom herself walked out with two cups of tea and set up some chairs for us. Aww...great service, Mom!

We went to Mom's specifically for the all you can eat side dishes bar. Here's P-kun watching the bar like a hawk to see if other patrons were helping themselves.

Decor. Phil has chubby cheeks. gooch! Squished into the corner table, we carefully plotted our path to the all you can eat bar.

That's a mirror reflecting the wall from the previous picture. This oughta fulfill the quota of pictures of people and not just food.

All you can eat side dishes. yumm...Salad on the top left corner, yumm....

 COMPLIMENTARY green onion pancake. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

 Stone bowl seafood bibimbap. It was aight. Can't go wrong with mixed rice.

 Rice cakes and fish cakes in a hot sauce. This was kind of a mistake. It was good for a few bites but the portion size and the sauce are just too much for one person to have in one sitting. When I took it home and reheated it, the texture of the rice cake was just not the same.I'm not going to get this again unless I have at least 3 others to share it with.

We actually went here before for a birthday dinner, and it was also good then. But there were fewer customers at the time. This time, it was packed but the service was still excellent. It really highlights their attention to detail and their timing. The green onion pancake is to die for, especially because it was complimentary. The service is better than Han Sung BBQ and the side dishes were unlimited and not half eaten. Han Sung has memories so it wins, but I'd recommend Mom's again anytime!

Mom's Tofu House on Yelp


  1. you come to socal and i'll show you a good time...... with better korean food...

  2. Boo!!! Norcal for the win! =P

  3. hi N,

    i really really love korean food.
    korean BBQ is so yummy.
    i'm never a big meat eater, though.

    you've made me hungry.
    oh, it's half past 6 already.
    gotta go to the kitchen and cook dinner!

    have a delicious weekend!




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