Sunday, March 28

Cut by Wolfgang Puck - Las Vegas

The forecast for 2010 is that I will be busy and broke for a very long time. In case there are times when I have little material to blog about, I will review things that I ate and did before I started this blog. Can't let those outings go to waste. I'll kick off my Retro Reviews with my latest Vegas adventure, CUT by Wolfgang Puck at the Palazzo Hotel for RET's birthday in October 2009. I apologize for this and all future Retro Reviews. They will not be as detailed because it's been so long. Just think of them as eye candy.

Don't remember the names but the red wine on the left and the champagne on the right were really good. Some of the best I've ever had.

Some sort of salad with crispy apple strips. mmmm this was so good.

Bone Marrow Salad. This was actually KG and JB's dish but they loved it. It's seasoned bone marrow served in the bone with some garnishes on top. Looks delicious! I had food envy.

Side dishes. Mac and cheese is pictured but there was also a spinach compote and some other veggies. The mac and cheese was good.

I forget which cut of meat this was but they were all good. American Kobe was one of the choices I remember. There was also a sampler. I most likely got filet mignon because I love it! But sadly, this plate was not mine. You can see the spinach compote on the left.

Same plate as above but partially devoured. mm medium rare cooked to perfection.

BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! This cake is not from CUT. We brought it in but I'm pretty sure it's still some expensive cake from some fancy place in Vegas.

Birthday girl with our servers. They gave us great service. Really knew how to treat us ladies.

The gang at the end of the meal and before the partying.

 Patron Platinum. Highest level Patron I heard. But to a tequila hater like me, I couldn't taste the different. This didn't go down any smoother than regular Patron.

We also saw Diddy at Tao. woop woop!

CUT is really good. It's the best steakhouse I've been to, but I don't go to too many so take this for what it is. I'm not fancy pants. This was all paid for which is why I went. Otherwise, fuhgettadaboudit. Overall, I rate this a 10 out of 10 because I will never get VIP treatment again. No matter how bad the food could've been, I would've given it a 10. But thank goodness the food really was good. We came, we saw Diddy, we partied, we ate. Twas good...


  1. i liked the part about you seeing diddy at tao. :)

  2. yup. and to think I wasn't going to add that picture because he isn't food or drink related. tsk tsk.



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