Tuesday, March 23

Zambra Tapas - Burlingame

I am having a hard time writing this entry for Zambra Tapas because I can't remember the food names or my opinions on them, and that in itself is my review of Zambra, just another place I won't remember. Well here are some basics to begin with: Zambra Tapas in Burlingame with Philsky and VS for happy hour, $5 a plate, $5 well drinks, $3 draft beers.

Merlot served in a small carafe that makes it look fancier than it is.

Wines at the bar (These aren't really the ones on the happy hour menu. How deceiving!)

Ceviche, one of my favorite tapas, but not here. There was not alot, and it was just alright, and the plantain chip tasted like crispy nothingness.

Calamari - eh. Can't go wrong with it but also didn't go right either.

Some sort of potato cake? I don't know. It just tasted like potato slices piled together like a pie and served with some sauce.

Tasted like beef stir fry. Yes, it did taste like Chinese food. This was probably the best plate of the whole night.

I guess it was cheap. Service was good enough, nothing memorable. Portions were small. Oh I'm sorry, could you not read that? I said portions were small. Which is also why I said I guess it was cheap because I wasn't sure if considering portion size if it all balanced out. Maybe I'd be happier if it was $3 a plate. Wouldn't we all?

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