Tuesday, March 16

Russian River Wine Road Barrel Tasting - Healdsburg, CA

This is kind of misleading since no one really got drunk. I got tipsy and the fattest wine headache but we wouldn't call it drunk, would we? Well last weekend, I went on what turned out to be a triple date to the Russian River Wine Road Barrel Tasting. This is the best wine tasting deal I've ever had, short of free. $20 gets you a wristband and a wine glass for the entire weekend and there are oh so many wineries, some of which had delicious food.

I'm not going to remember any wineries or specifics about them because after a few, they all taste the same. Just enjoy this vertical self scrolling slide show of pictures.

Paradise Ridge Winery


Francis Ford Coppola

Bella Winery. There was a cave

Aisles and aisles of these

Wilson Winery served tri-tip

Korbel the champagnery (I made that word up but it sounded real didn't it?)

Red Carpet

Kendall-Jackson served chicken mole (moh-lay)

*the pictures are not in any order*

I think this is a really good deal and if you could get a group together, everyone should definitely go one year. It's annual so you'll have other chances to go. Do your research beforehand and hit up the wineries with food. Most regulars know which ones those are so they'll be the more crowded wineries. I really liked that there was food at the wineries. It made the whole event feel like a wine and food tasting. You do have to have a driver but I don't think its a big issue because its not like you get really drunk anyway, not our guys at least. Lastly, don't chase wild turkeys because they will lead you through the mud. As evidenced below:

Barrel Tasting on Yelp
Official Website


  1. hi "foodie" n,

    i enjoyed the report on your winery visit!

    many thanks to your visit to my blog.
    i am going to post a new one shortly.

    enjoy the spring sun!


  2. That trip was fun! Thanks again for inviting me and CK. =P Man, we totally missed out on the tri-tip. Hahahahaha

  3. haha CK. It's weird to read initials being used by someone other than me.

  4. my oh my, that first picture is amazing! makes me say oh oh oh oh oh oh oh o m gosh

    i'm not sure if that's enough ohs. or maybe it's too many. either way. i was oh-ing. and i meant each one.

    i'm going to have to copy that photo!



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