Sunday, November 7

Spicy oyster sauce green beans

Remember that one of the ways I stay financially fit is by bring lunch to work? Most days I just pack leftovers from what my mom made for dinner. But then again, some days I feel like cooking. So I packed this colorful medley for lunch and it was scrumdiddly umptious!
Rice with rotisserie chicken, spicy green beans, and cherry tomatoes.

The entire meal was inspired by my dad's latest crop of home grown cherry tomatoes. I look forward to this time every year because I love snacking on these and his crop is so abundant, sweet, and organic. That is a real tomato on the vine in our yard.

($4.19 for 2 lbs, pictured above is 1lb) My dad's crop of green beans just ended last month so I bought these from Lucky instead.

My my, someone's been working on her photography...I wanted to sautee green beans with the tomatoes but was convinced last minute that the tomatoes would make the whole dish runny so I used them as a side.

($7.99 Rotisserie chicken from Lucky) You can get a cheaper and bigger chicken at Costco but Lucky is right by work so it was convenient for me.

The last ingredient is chopped garlic and sliced shallots.

My recipe for spicy green beans (no measurements)
  1. chop garlic
  2. slice 2 shallots
  3. trim the ends of the green beans and cut in half if they're long, keep whole if they're not very long
  4. wash the green beans and put them on a plate
  5. microwave the plate at 1 minute with saran wrap or a different covering because I hear saran wrap leads to cancer. I do this to give the beans a head start so when they get to the pan, other ingredients won't burn while the beans are cooking. It's best to microwave after you wash the beans so the water can turn to steam.
  6. in a pan, heat some oil and sautee garlic and shallots until the shallots are slightly translucent.
  7. toss in the beans, cook on medium heat until they're tender but still crunchy. I test by taking a bite. If your pan is drying up and things threaten to burn, turn the heat down a bit, add a little bit of water to the pan and put a lid on so you can steam it.
  8. turn off the heat or turn it to low, add in oyster sauce, chili garlic sauce, sprinkle cayenne pepper (or Sriracha sauce if you want). I eyeballed everything to taste.
  9. wash and slice cherry tomatoes and cut in half. Slice the rotisserie chicken, pack your lunch.


  1. Yum, I love oyster sauce and put it on everything! I'll have to give this a try!

  2. That's a neat trick (microwaving the green beans first). I always end up with raw green beans when I cook because I underestimate how long it takes to cook them green beans. Will try next time! =P

  3. @TP, yeah I had the same problem so many times and my dad taught me the trick with broccoli so I tried it on the beans.



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