Monday, July 1

Blogher Food 2013 - Food Highlights

 Austin, TX is a really amazing city. I have traveled to many large metro areas in the US and Austin is now one of my favorite places. I think it has alot to do with really good food and young beautiful people walking around downtown. Also, it's hot. I like hot. I do well with hot weather.

 One of the highlights of my time in Austin was a blogger event at Malverde.

 This drink had so many things in it, most of which I have forgotten but I do remember dehydrated cactus and watermelon. So pretty, so refreshing.

Customized taco from the taco station. Yeah Mexican food is really good here.

Watermelon cubes with a slice of cheese and a bite of jalapeno. It sounds weird but its actually really good. Who would ever think that watermelon and cheese in one bite would be tasty.

 Look at this tray of chocolate mousse

 Whole Foods hosted a Bites for Bloggers event. I cannot remember everything here so enjoy these bite sized pictures.

This is a cube of cheese wrapped in a leaf and in a pool of tomatoey sauce...yes, it tastes exactly as it sounds and I had exactly the same thoughts you have right now. Why does there need to be so much sauce for one cube of cheese?

Heirloom tomatoes and watermelon salad. My favorite dish of the whole event.

Our closing event was at Stubb's Barbeque which I really liked. I know it's not Franklin's or Salt Lick but hey, all the taste buds care about is whether they enjoy the taste. And I liked what I ate.

This mac and cheese was goOoOod. So good. Also, I used to really hate brisket but now I am a converted fan. Everything on this plate was really good except the vegetarian egg plant roll. Because why would you eat vegetarian at a bbq? I don't know, I was trying to sample everything.

The Local Belle and I were among the last to leave Austin after the conference so we had a really disappointing breakfast at Hi Hat Public House. The portions were really small and the food was not good. The ambience was nice and the service wasn't so bad but it can only do so much for bad food.

($8) Hi Hat Plate - these are basically breakfast nachos. First, I found a hair tangled up and wound around some mushrooms in my plate so I sent it back. The second portion came back without hairs (yay) but in the rush to get the order out the cheese was not melted. So I ate chips with cubes of half melted cheese. Pickled poblanos were good and that was it.

Annabelle had the $12 eggs benedict which obviously was not enough food. Poor girl. She's also a vegetarian so I ate that tiny cup of chorizo. This is like a $12 snack.

Despite the disappointing ending meal, I still had a great time. Austin, TX go visit!

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