Tuesday, August 20

Dishcrawl Sunnyvale

Last week I attended my first Dishcrawl event. The group visited Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale. Dishcrawl is a San Jose based company hosting group dinners at mystery locations all across the nation. Diners only know what neighborhood the event will take place in but not the participating restaurants until 48 hours in advance. For a $45 ticket, we hopped to four different restaurants, one of which served buffet style. Drinks not included.

We started our night at Robertos Cantina.

Left: ($7) Fresh mango maragarita? Don't mind if I do.
Right: Spicy margarita with even more spice on the rim. Fellow crawlers were drinking this and their mouths were on fire but it hurt so good.

The burn continued with this chicken mole, shrimp with tequila and capers, and halibut ceviche trio. All three of these were spicy, especially the ceviche. But it was so good. This is one of the dishes you pay for later that night, know what I mean? After finishing our plates, we were gently ushered on to the next restaurant down the street.

($8) Pinot Noir. I know the bottle on the left is a syrah but that's not what I ordered. I spent a good chunk of time here chatting it up with my table mates. When we had to leave I barely drank any of the wine. Not one to waste, I chugged it. Pinot Noir, my favorite red wine.

Tumeric served Indian food, buffet style. The most notable dish was this butter chicken and naan. There was also a cauliflower dish that was excellent.

House grown sprout salad

I finished most of this plate and was already super full before chugging the wine and moving on to the next place.

Taverna Bistro provided a sampler platter of their Turkish pizza which had the best bread ever, the Yaprak Sarma which are stuffed grape leaves, and a taste of their lamb kebab. All these bites and a basket of their freshly made bread were all we needed to wind down the eventful dinner.

Hold on, there's always room for dessert, especially when it's an Irish Car Bomb ice cream cone specially made for Fibbar MaGees pub. A blend of Guiness, Baileys, and caramel swirl. It was different for sure. A little too bitter but still interesting to try.

Lisa from Stella and Dot hosted a raffle giveaway at the end of the night and here are our lucky winners. I hope these men have matching outfits for their new jewelry!

Dishcrawl is a hassle free and social way of trying multiple restaurants in one night. If you're concerned about being rushed from place to place and not finishing your food, the restaurants will gladly pack a to go bag for you. The people were friendly, the event was well organized, and all the foods were delicious. My top picks of the night were the halibut ceviche from Roberto's Cantina and the butter chicken from Tumeric. It starts at 7PM and ended around 9:30-10PM depending on how long you wanted to mingle afterwards. For the working professional, it's a great way to network and meet new people and the hours will conveniently fit into your weeknight schedule. I would attend a Dishcrawl event again in the future. For anyone interested, the next South Bay event will be on August 27, in downtown San Jose - bringing it back to Dishcrawl's hometown.


  1. I might have to join you guys next time. Sounds like fun!

  2. I love that Syrah! It's so yummy for its price.

    Kate from Clear the Way



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