Wednesday, January 22

My Husband's Journey to a New Body

My husband, Phil, asked me to write this post to share his weight loss journey over the past 3 years. Basically while I was getting an MBA degree, he was losing 40 lbs and developing a healthier lifestyle. Please note that this post is about his journey but it's written through my observations. Since I'm in some of these photos, and I also lost weight, you'll see my changes too but this is just his story. All weights are estimates because we could not remember the exact number. For reference, he's 5'7"

(2007) This is us in the first year of the relationship. He's still holding some college weight. (175 lbs)

(2008) Miami beach (180 lbs)

This is us camping. Note the bulge of his stomach where the wind blew his shirt. (180 lbs)

(2009) My birthday. I was also 8lbs heavier in this photo than I am now. (185 lbs)

(2010) I'm not sure why I took a photo of him steaming his shirt but I'm glad I did because it's the closest we have to a "before" shot. He is also really sucking in his stomach. (190 lbs)

(2011) He traded a steamer for a real woman. We were one month away from our wedding at this point and he had already been eating better, and doing Insanity and P90X (172 lbs)

Towards the end of 2010, we were both on Insanity and P90X, chronicled in this post which was the most popular post on the blog for that year.

(2011) Our wedding - Photo by Rock the Image (168 lbs)

(2013) Christmas. Between 2011 and 2013, he went on a few diets here and there. He mostly ate better because we lived together by this time. I don't allow junk food in the house and I try to cook healthy meals. The biggest contribution to his weight loss though is his gym membership. He still goes to the gym every day after work. (156 lbs)

In 2013, we went on the Portion Control Diet, chronicled in this series of posts.

Current day (156 lbs)

There you go. A 7 year relationship, and a 7 year weight gain and loss journey. I guess you can say he took the really long route to bulking and cutting. Phil and I are both very proud of his new image. He achieved his goal weight and physical fitness level. He treated himself to a few new suits and dress shirts. Actually he's still on a dress shirt shopping spree. I see a new shipment from Express every other week. He deserves it though. No body wants to look frumpy.


  1. He looks so great! Good for him. Your comment that "he traded a steamer for a real woman" made me laugh.

    1. Oh finally! I was waiting for someone to detect my wit. It was overshadowed by photos of some guy who lost 40lbs.



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