Sunday, May 6

Portion Control Diet Results

Start weight: 
 Phil: 167.7lbs
Ngoc: 97.7lbs

End weight: 
Phil: 163.7 lbs
Ngoc: 97.3 lbs

Remember the start of our month long portion control diet? We extended it by 1 week because we didn't have time to take the end pictures and write the recap. That one week did not seem to help much.

These were the rules: 
  1. Eat every 2-3 hours. Suggested times are:
    • 9AM: breakfast
    • 12PM: lunch
    • 3PM: snack
    • 6PM: dinner
    • 9PM: snack
  2. Follow portion control guidelines from these websites. I am not strictly predetermining the rules for portion control because we eat Asian foods and will have to determine our portions on a case by case basis.
THOUGHTS: As you can tell by the pictures and numbers, there was no difference. After week 2, my schedule significantly changed and I no longer kept up with the eating schedule. We still stuck to the portions though not as rigorously. I do not consider this diet a fail because watching our portions has become a habit and our appetite has shrunk as well. It takes me less to get full than before and I naturally get hungry within a few hours. However, sticking to the eating schedule proves too difficult to maintain for working professionals. It is just too hard to step away from your work every few hours to grab a snack. I do suggest that you check out the links for portion control because Most of us probably overestimate our portions and it would be good to learn what a proper portion looks like. If you're looking for results in weight loss, this might not be the diet for you. If you just want to eat healthier, eating correct portions would be a good tool to integrate into your healthy lifestyle.

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