Thursday, May 10

Bo Luc Lac - Vietnamese cubed beef over tomatoes and watercress

Using a handful of the watercress from our watercress soup ingredients, I made this bo luc lac dish for the following night. Most people translate this to "shaken" beef because "luc lac" means the sound or movements of the cubes shaking back and forth. Let's be honest though, there's no shaking really, just stirring so let's call cubed beef what it is. It's not exactly something new as this style of marinade is my default for beef but the presentation on a bed of watercress, tomatoes, and onions in a vinaigrette gives it a refreshing spin.

Ever since the blogger platform stopped using Picnik as its photo editing tool, I lost the ability to rotate my pictures. What a shame blogger...I may migrate away from you soon...

Anyway, Phil made a quick seafood scrambled egg and we served the bo luc lac dish with brown rice and some leftover papaya salad. You can use this recipe from the Ravenous Couple for bo luc lac. They always do a good job. But if your family has a tried and true recipe that's different, it's great to learn from family too. My mom used to make this often for our family and sometimes she would use lettuce instead of watercress because some people find it too bitter. The marinade can always be tweaked and the vinaigrette can be changed too.

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