Monday, January 27

Introducing Cococlectic - A Craft Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Community

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for your special someone? Or what's the other name for the pesky February 14th holiday? S.A.D. - Single's Awareness Day

Introducing, Cococlectic, a craft Bean-to-Bar club featuring artisanal cocoa creations. Cococlectic is a chocolate community started by Doreen Leong, a San Franciscan with a strong penchant for craft chocolates. In a few weeks, I will have the chance to review this company and its chocolates. You can count on a thorough review and write up on Cococlectic's offerings. 

For now, you can check out their membership levels starting at $34 per month for 4 dark chocolate bars a month. Cococlectic is currently offering a Valentine's Day special. From now until February 9th, you will receive a $10 gift card and hand written love note with a one time purchase for $34. Check out their website for more details and look forward to my review in February. 

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