Tuesday, January 21

Bellano Coffee - Melting Pot - Cha Cha CHa - Secret Supper

In the blink of an eye, time flies. With the wave of a hand, it said good bye.
I have been busy - with what? I don't know. Well yes I do know. Sometimes I feel like I've done so much and nothing got done. There are some things in the works for my YouTube channel and projects for other people. Please accept for now, another photo post.

I worked for about 5 hours at Bellano Coffee in Santa Clara one time. This is probably the most productive coffee shop environment I've been in. One of the better places to do work while Chromatic is good to socialize. Bellano is the parent of the little coffee child B2 in San Pedro Square. In general, I have been and will be spending lots of time in coffee shops in the South Bay. Who has recommendations? The only requirement is a good wi-fi signal.

 That one time I made a few bites of a wintery salad and spent 15 minutes staging and photographing it. This broccoli rabe (pronounced rob) salad with shaved fennel, radish slices, navel oranges, baby carrots with olive oil and balsamic dressing, garnished with dried persimmon slices was worth all two bites.

Lots of family time to celebrate various things like Christmas in January

and my graduation from a program that took too long and cost so much. I'm not walking until June so this mango mousse congratulations cake didn't feel deserved.

Chocolate and caramel gets lit on fire while almond flakes are added at Melting Pot in San  Mateo

Some little girl turned one.

Returning to the San Mateo branch of my favorite tapas place with the best sangria in the Bay, Cha Cha Cha Cuba to celebrate my graduation yet again, but with a different group of friends. 2014 - the year I celebrated my graduation 5 times.

Reunited with Dishcrawl to cover a Secret Supper SF event where Joey Elenterio of Wayfare Tavern and Isaac Miller of Maven collaborated in a 6 course culinary experience.



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