Saturday, September 21

The Price of Passion

For some of us, the journey to discover your passion never ends. Chasing dreams implies that you will never catch them. I share my life with you through food: the food of my hometown, the food of my culture, and the food of my travels. Food reveals a great deal about a person's life. What you eat, when you eat it, where you eat, and who you eat with are important indicators of the things you value, even if you are not a food snob. Most days, I work through lunch and I have my first meal at 2-3PM and my second and last meal at 8-9PM. They usually consist of leftovers and healthy snacks. I eat by myself, at my desk, I work through lunch and sometimes dinner is at my desk too. All these things indicate an entirely non-foodie pattern of dining but that's my life. It shows that I work hard and am lonely. If you have seen my Instagram hashtags, this comes as no surprise. I am very open and honest about the void I feel inside.

Then I spend my weekends chasing dreams. I meet people, I eat great things, I cook things, and I photograph the beautiful world around me and share them with you. The blog is not a lie but the day job is also not a lie. I wonder how long I can continue being two different people in one mind. And this is the price of passion. When your calling finds you, you can not escape it. I was born to share something with this world. There is a reason why I see things in a certain light and feel the need to package that up in words and photos and present it. Being passionate about something comes with a sense of insecurity. Is every move the right move and towards what? What is the dream I'm chasing and when I find it, will I recognize it? Some days I think I'm destined for something extraordinary and other days I think I'm meant for a simpler life.

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