Monday, September 23

Dishcrawl Campbell

My Dishcrawl South Bay series comes to a close in Campbell and what better place to host it than the town where I worked my first job out of college. Campbell Ave is one of my favorite streets. It's quaint and cute and just lively enough to keep you interested but not overwhelmed. 

Dishcrawl had a tremendous turnout for this event. Tickets sold out early and the event was so popular that they're holding an encore event which is also now sold out. We met at Blue Line Pizza which has been on my "To Eat" list for a very long time. 

Blue Line did not disappoint at all. They provided what seemed like a buffet of food from the classic deep dish to gluten free thin crust and everything in between like the white pie thin crust, pesto chicken thin crust, chicken wings, and garlic bread.

I was ambitious with my first plate. This alone filled me up for the rest of the night. Yum, loved the white pie thin crust.

Around the corner we went to Brown Chicken Brown Cow, a restaurant that opened a few months back in a space that used to be a yoga studio. Have I mentioned quaint and cute? BCBC prides itself on serving high quality food made from grass fed beef and free range chicken. 

My new friend Laura peering out behind this glass of wine. 

BCBC served sliders with chips and an angry goat cheese crostini aka it has jalapenos on it. The sliders were a bit dry but the goat cheese crostini was tasty.

Sushi Confidential was the third stop of the night. We were received warmly by the staff. They seemed perfectly prepared to handle our large party. The owner, Randy Musterer, has an incredible background starting on a fishing boat where he was first introduced to the process of catching and preparing fresh fish. Over a decade of experience later, Randy is now the owner of a Sushi Confidential by night and his day job is in researching flu vaccines. What a fascinating career path.


Between these two platters, there are 4-5 different types of rolls. Check out that leaf shaped wasabi mound though. Creative, yes?

It was self service with plenty for all here. I made myself a sampler platter with one piece of each roll. Delicious. So satisfied. I could have gone back for seconds and even thirds if I had a larger stomach and didn't take up most of the space at Blue Line Pizza.

The dessert stop was at Snake and Butterfly for gelato. It's rumored to have one of the best gelato offerings in the South Bay. Snake and Butterfly also makes great truffles (pictured above) which are available in the Little Shop Artisan Box local foodie subscription service that I have blogged about before. 

We all picked a scoop of any flavor gelato. I chose Espresso Chip and it was so indulgent. Perfect balance of espresso flavor with a few unencumbered chocolate shavings for the crunch. We were also given a signature chocolate truffle for the road.

Dollar for dollar, the Campbell Dishcrawl event provided the biggest bang for your buck. The group was large and all restaurants provided plenty of food. It felt like a buffet that night and everything was good. The size of a Dishcrawl event could vary. The group this night was large. I make friends fairly easily but I am not outgoing and I have attended 3 events by myself and had a blast at all. If you are a shy person who wants to attend alone, there is bound to be an inviting group of new friends ready to meet you. As a last resort, come by yourself, bring a camera and take pictures of everything. People will ask you why then tell them you're a food blogger. That's how I make friends all the time! Come to Dishcrawl, you are guaranteed to meet interesting people whether they are attendees or restaurateurs

In order of appearance:

I noticed interesting looking lights so I started collecting photos of lighting. Enjoy!
Window display at Kaleido Lamps
Window display at Om Gallery
Lighting at Sushi Confidential
Lighting at Blue Line Pizza
String of lights outside of Brown Chicken Brown Cow


  1. GREAT photos! You are a talented photographer. =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. Great photos. The food look amazing. Huge fan of burgers so this post definitely made my night.



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