Wednesday, June 26

Little Shop Artisan Box

In April, Little Shop Artisan Box sent me their box of the month to preview. Yikes I'm late! I have been a bit busy as you may have seen from my Facebook posts but I have not forgotten this box. Little Shop Artisan Box is a Bay Area business, putting together local gourmet goodie boxes. Subscribers can get a box delivered every month, or order one box any time.

April's Gourmet Foodie Box arrived to me like this. Such beautiful tissue paper pattern.

Inside the box contained all these gourmet goodies from local South Bay artisan food companies.

The hazelnut orange meringue kisses from Olamola Confectionary were such a hit. They disappeared from my desk at work in one day. The entire box. Methinks someone with very good taste stole them.

This company has an interesting name: Snake & Butterfly. Their chocolate truffles were really delicious.

I was really excited for these Passion Fruit flavored marshmallows. It really reminds me of Asia. The passion fruit flavor was spot on. They're great for sharing with friends.

Lastly, the Sweet Dragon Baking Company made these packets of black sesame brittle and toasted sesame brittle. Oh so good. These are like the sesame brittle candies you get during the Lunar New Year except those come in really hard tubular bars. These are thin and easier to bite. Sweet Dragon also makes brittle from hemp seeds, chia seeds, peanuts and almonds. A great alternative to the traditional holiday brittle.

I was delightfully surprised by everything in this box. For $25.99 each, this box makes a great gift for the gourmet foodie in your life. The subscription is also a good way to taste something new and local each month. They have more than just sweets, there are cured meats and jams too. June's box actually makes me really jealous. It has Lucky Dog Hot Sauce, artisanal lemonade, and cured meats. If you are a fan of artisanal, locally made, gourmet foods, they can be hard to source. You may drive out of the way for your favorite candy, but then you can't find a good cured sausage for your party. Much like joining a wine of the month club, a subscription to Little Shop Artisan Box provides exposure to new brands. If you really like one, now you know where to get it. If you want to continue sampling, sign up for the monthly subscription. Check out June's box today or wait for July's new and equally amazing goodies!


  1. aw i really like this idea and all the goodies in your box. will be on my list to try. i wonder if they sell these products in stores somewhere? i remember helping SF's La Cocina pack their goodie boxes. Perhaps, there could be some such event for this company. :)

  2. Sherbear, we love featuring artisans who don't have a venue to share their craft. You might be able to find some items in stores, but we like to get the undiscovered culinary gems. But don't worry; it's easy to get your Gourmet Foodie Box online at
    Thanks Ngoc for a great blog post. Glad you enjoyed and shared your find with your foodie friends.
    -Maricela, Head foodista at LSAB



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