Sunday, September 15

Happening This Week - 9/16

 Here's what I'm up to this week:

Covering Dishcrawl Campbell
Tickets are sold out but you can go to the Campbell Encore event. The encore event only has 7 tickets left! Get tickets here.

I met Seth Resler about a year ago to record a podcast for Mystery Meet about the dining scene in the South Bay. Seth asked me to be in a small piece for his kickstarter campaign earlier this year for the Taste Trekkers Conference about Culinary Tourism. It's finally here. It's happening, and it's a big Providence, at least. Providence, RI is the little city that could, in the shadow of Boston. Lots of love and support from Providence for the Conference and from the Conference to Providence. San Joseans, does this sound like a city you know, in the shadow of another city? Also, Seth is a San Jose native and a DJ on KEZR, 106.5. Tune in to hear him DJ.

 This weekend, Phil and I shot a mother-son session for my sister and our nephew, Matthew. Sometimes I can't believe this lady is a mother now but here's the proof. He's a very a jolly, easy going baby. He's easily amused so we had no challenges getting a smile out of him. But he's really wiggly and probably going to be a hyper little rugrat in a year. Adorable.

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