Wednesday, September 11

Zazie - San Francisco

I like brunch. It's inexplicable. Brunch usually has pancakes, potatoes, or eggs, all of which are cheap and easy to make, but they cost a lot more at brunch. San Jose brunch is really weak. Everyone goes to Bill's or The Table and wait forever to be seated. And because I'm a genius, I extend that wait by going into San Francisco, waiting even longer than I would in San Jose, just to eat brunch. I've been trying different brunch places in SF even though I know what my heart wants is Brenda's. It's like finding a song you like on the radio but continuing to change the stations just to see if you're missing out on a better song.

Zazie was another brunch excursion and this time we waited almost 2 hours. There's no logic to it people -- I just sit around and wait for a restaurant to allow me to pay them money for food. See if Zazie was worth the wait.

This omelet was as plain as it appears in this picture. I forgot the name and the price and I don't care. Bland folded egg on top of cheesy mushrooms and some other things.
Even if I don't like something, I still try to remember and write about it for you readers, but I waited 2 hours for this, mind you. 2 hours!

($14) Fresh Grilled Ahi Tuna Sandwich with tomatoes provencales, aioli, and sun dried tomato pesto with greens on toasted levain - This was much better. Very tasty. I love ahi tuna anything and it was a perfect balance of tastes and textures. I only wish there were more.

($6) French Toast Tahiti stuffed with caramelized bananas and walnuts - French toast saves the day. You can buy it in different portion sizes. We only bought one slice to eat as dessert. The caramelized bananas and walnuts were a great addition to an already fluffy French toast. Love.

Sherry and I got milk tea and walked up the 16th Avenue mosaic tile steps afterwards. We even went up the little hill after the steps to take in the view of the city. I don't know why it is romantic in movies to go on a hill and look at the city. Wind is in your hair and drying out your eyes, it's cold as f*ck so you put on your hood, which creates a cave around your head and amplifies the sound so you're basically in a wind tunnel and can't hear anything. Did I just kill any gentlemen's notions of proposing on a hilltop in the city? Well bring your lady a motherf*ckin parka if you do. And text your proposal because she won't be able to hear you.

Aside from the really plain omelet, Zazie was actually pretty good. We were seated on the back patio underneath a heated lamp which was really cozy and nice. The service was attentive. The prices are regular but the portions could be bigger and the food is not life changing or worth the wait. You can gather from the tone of this entry that I'm a bit grumpy as I recall the happenings of this day. I can't believe I came up there to wait 2 hours. I can't believe I was stupid enough to continue waiting! If you're already in SF and the wait isn't long, you should try Zazie. Under any other conditions, just go somewhere else. Your life will still go on if you've never had a chance to eat here.

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  1. Great photos! I gotta check out the mosaic steps one day!



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