Tuesday, December 11

The Table - San Jose

Who doesn't love really trendy places with simple names like "The Table." This new restaurant in the Willow Glen area could have been named any number of inanimate objects and still sound cool. Especially when they offer bottomless mimosas for only $8.

Champagne and fresh squeezed orange juice, it's the only way to wake up.

A chandelier turned on in broad daylight? How preposterous. But that's ok -- it looks really good against this orange wall.

I ordered a shaved porchetta sandwich with herb ricotta and persimmon jam. Overall it was very tasty. I was fearful of how cheesey the herb ricotta is but its actually very nice. Let's add ricotta to the list of decent cheeses. So I probably read porchetta and imagined pancetta because I really thought I was getting a cured ham. Sad face. But this tasted delightfully like a pulled pork open face sandwich with a side of hash browns which is all still really good.

I didn't taste these next few dishes but they looked simplistic and delicious as well.
($12) Chilaquiles - poached egg,  cotija cheese, and avocados with tortilla strips

($13) Lemon ricotta pancakes with wild Oregon hucklberries

($14) The only burger that belongs at the table. I kidd you not, that is the name of the burger. I had major food envy over these potato wedges.

My camera was unfocused but if you combine these two pictures, somehow you will get to see everyone there. At least Juan and Brenda are looking good in the front, they always do.

I would go to The Table again and I would recommend it to other people too. The food is simple, fresh, tasty and satisfying. You can't beat bottomless mimosas for $8. Our waitress did a good job calming us down after the restaurant ran low on glasses for mimosa refills. Hungry MBA students want a good Sunday drink. I was very impressed. I'm glad San Jose has a place this cool to boast as its own. Now you don't have to go all the way to San Francisco or stand in a massive line at Bill's Cafe across the street for good brunch/lunch.

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  1. Oooh...I wanna go. The vibe from your pics reminds me of Founding Farmers in Washington, D.C. I am still thinking about Founding Farmers. =P



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