Saturday, January 26

Mystery Meet Podcast

There has been some exciting publicity and tech news for yours truly lately. The first is a podcast interview I did for Mystery Meet, an organization that hosts foodie events in different cities. You sign up for the event in your city of choice, and you only find out where you will be dining 24 hours in advance. It could be scary, adventurous, or just a great way to meet people who love food in your city! In my podcast I divulge my townie experience in San Jose, introduce you to the term Man Jose if you haven't already heard, and discuss the intricacies of the San Jose food scene -- it's really a cool place to be. I also rave about Cupertino's Michelin Star restaurant, Alexander's Steakhouse. You can listen to my podcast on Mystery Meet's website or subscribe to Mystery Meet's podcast on iTunes (it's free!). It was a great pleasure interviewing with and meeting Seth, the founder of Mystery Meet. He's a great guy *wink wink* Ladies, let's put this Man Jose term to rest....

Mystery Meet is hosting its first San Jose dinner event on February 5th, more information here. If you sign up, you may have a chance to meet me, your local San Jose blogger! I intend to make a brief appearance.

Links mentioned:
Mystery meet website
My podcast interview on Mystery Meet
Info for Feb 5th San Jose dinner
My past review of Alexander's Steakhouse

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