Thursday, August 11

Beque Korean Grill - Santa Clara

 After the wedding, we took a day off to relax and debrief and I did not feel like doing anything requiring any effort. So for dinner, we drove down El Camino where all the Korean food is and let our hungry stomach radars take over. That's when we stumbled upon Beque Korean Grill. I have to admit, I was attracted to the sign and size of the building. It looked like a trustworthy establishment for some reason.

 I was pleasantly surprised to find the all you can eat sign. For $19.99 we got a portion of all you can eat meat for grilling. We had to order another portion of seafood for $25-28 (forgot) because there's a minimum of 2 portions per table.

The space is smaller inside but had a modern, contemporary decor. I liked how they made use of their space.

This is why I love Korean food, all the banchan. All these were refillable but we had so much other food, we didn't need to refill. They had a sesame oil and salt dipping sauce that was so good. I've never had it before and it went well with the non-marinated meat like the chicken and pork belly.

Tofu soup, another side dish that came with the meal.

The grill came already greased and clean and ready to go. I like this alot more than the charcoal grill at Han Sung because it was cleaner and easier to manage. Above is the spicy chicken and seafood grilling.

I've never had pork belly for Korean BBQ before. At first the thick fatty parts really turned me off and the fact that it had no seasoning. But when cooked to a good crisp and dipped in that sesame/salt mixture, pork belly is actually really good. Will definitely have again, in moderation because I am watching my post-wedding figure.

From left: unmarinated beef, seasoned chicken, and spicy chicken. Phil really enjoyed the spicy chicken.

Seafood combo. This was just alright. We ended up not finishing it because there was so much other food and there's only so much squid and tentacles I can eat.

Spicy pork, my favorite. I like wrapping it up in lettuce and putting a grilled garlic slice and kimchi inside for a quick hand roll.

We're really into our food.

So much food. Too bad they don't allow to-go boxes for all you can eat. We didn't finish everything but we did do a good bit of damage. Next time, I'm coming here with a group and we're going to clean house with the all you can eat!

For all you can eat, $20 is a good deal, especially because its all meat. The service was really good and not suffocating. I had a hard time understanding the concept of having to order one all you can eat meal and one other meal (the seafood platter), because I'm a little slow but the waitress patiently explained to me the process and all the sides that come with it. From meat to side dishes, it was all good. I love the clean grill and overall tidy appearance of this restaurant. I probably mentioned this before but I've noticed that of all the Asian restaurants, Korean joints tend to be the better maintained ones. Beque Korean Grill, I highly recommend it!

Beque Korean Grill on Yelp


  1. Wow, looks good!! I might be coming here in the next few days because I've been craving k-bbq. So, you "order" what you want in a meal set? With the seafood and stuff, is it still $19.99 per person? :p It seems like a pretty good deal. Have you tried Bob Sang in Fremont? It's a Korean BBQ all you can eat and i believe it's less than $20 per person. I personally did not like that place but they have super high ratings on Yelp. Thanks for the rec! :) Will try this place soon.

  2. @Jen - For the all you can eat meal, you can only get the meats that are listed on their menu for it (see picture above). The first serving comes with a plate of each and after that you can request refills of just the ones you want again. Per party, there is a minimum of 2 orders. Ours was the all you can eat meal and an order of seafood, there is no seafood in the all you can eat meal. I have tried Bob Sang, but Fremont is a bit far for me since I live down the street from all the good Korean places.

    @Oleeezy, we should def. go here as a group sometime.

  3. I've never been here below! I really want to try it out now, thank you for the pics!

  4. Spicy chicken was da bomb

  5. Helpful to know, thanks!! :) I'm def going to try this place sometime next week :)

  6. I went to the same place the day before the wedding... it's ok... ok as in SJ can't beat LA - EVER - when it comes to K-town and AYCE Korean BBQ. The hostess had a pretty smile though. I had the fortune to see it twice my way :)



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