Tuesday, August 9

A.W. Shucks - Monterey, CA

Over the weekend, we went on a hike in Monterey, a coastal city where people like to go for day trips or weekend getaways. The hike was pretty easy but long and afterwards we were starving. We hit up a random GPS suggested seafood restaurant in nearby Carmel for an amazing lunch.

A.W. Shucks Cocktail and Oyster Bar, aww how cute.

Considering it was almost 4PM by the time we ate, this was more of an early dinner. For some of us, the meal began with a few choice drinks. Clockwise from back to front: Bloody Mary which was very spicy, Arnold Palmer which was bland and diluted, and a Mai Tai which was a little strong.

($19.95) a dozen oysters on the half shell - mm so fresh. Whenever we go to a coastal city known for its fresh seafood, we have to try oysters. I mean, who doesn't? Well, apparently some people in our group don't enjoy the delicacy of slimey, salty, mushy slurpy goodness like Phil and I do. They don't know what they're missing, I tell ya.

($11.95) Half sandwich and bowl of chowder combo. Clam Chowder is another one of my seafood must-haves. This one was pretty good but a bit thin. 

My seafood salad sandwich with crab and shrimp salad was excellent. Phil had food envy. Mmm. Thick toasted bread and yummy seafood with not too much mayo.

($11.95) Bowl of chowder and half grilled cheese combo. Ditto on the yummy thick toasted bread. A really good and comforting grilled cheese sandwich.

(price unknown) Fish and chips platter. RH had this and it was essentially the same as the dish below with less variety.

($17.95) Fried combo platter with fish and chips, calamari, and fried shrimp. I really dug the calamari and fried shrimp. The fish and chips were good too but fish and chips has never stood out to me. Fried food is sometimes just fried food.

What a great Sunday! I love chill hiking Sundays. Were it not for the crazy traffic on the way home, I would love this Sunday more.

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