Sunday, January 6

Sonoma 2013 - The Girl & The Fig

Phil and I recently took a delicious trip to Sonoma to eat all the wonderfully rated Napa/Sonoma Valley food. Last time we went to Napa, I was still an inexperienced foodie and did not dine at all the hot spots. This trip was much different.
First up, checking in to the super relaxing Renaissance Lodge at Sonoma. A beautiful place to stay, I highly recommend it. The shampoo doesn't smell the best but it made my hair really smooth and soft. The room had a gas fire place which we used often.

Then off to lunch at The Girl & The Fig, a name I've heard so many times in random food conversations. I believe it's owned by a husband and wife team. I really dig places with interesting names like this. You hear that State Bird Provisions, I'm coming to try you one day too.

($14) Grass-fed steak tartare - quite delicious. I admit, it was the "grass-fed" part of the description that sold me. We never had tartare made from beef before, only from tuna, so this was a must try for us. Surprisingly, raw beef is pretty bland. Capers, mustard dots on the plate, and pickled figs with crostinis, all were great though. An interesting dish.

($15) One leg of duck confit -Duck confit was not what I craved for during this meal and yet I still ordered it. A part of me wanted to redeem the whole dish from my lackluster experience at Little Chef Counter in San Pedro Square Market. This confit was much crispier and more flavorful than the one at Little Chef Counter but I still wasn't a converted fan. After the skin, it seems like the inside of duck confit is too fatty and bland for me. Confit and I, we are not meant to be.

($12) Top Sirloin Burger - I would argue that this is one of the better burgers Phil has ordered throughout the years of our relationship -- that's quite an honor to the burger. Patties were cooked perfectly and the dutch crunch bread is always my favorite. Best of all was the side of frites which were tiny skinny little fries. Oh my gah, so dainty. The best way to eat fries ever! A+ to this burger.

Wait time: long. I advise you make a reservation.
Price: higher end for lunch but still decent.
Service: great. Without uttering more than the words "Excuse me, could we please..." our waitress understood that we ran out of crostinis for our tartare and promptly brought out another plate.
Ambience: well-lit, bustling but cozy
Verdict: Highly recommend

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