Saturday, December 19

Napa 2009 - Oxbow Public Market - Folio Enoteca - Kara's Cupcakes

Oh my goodness day three. This was really only a half day since we had lunch and left Napa. But it was one of the best half days of the whole trip. We went to Oxbow Public Market, which to me looked like a public library from the outside. But inside it housed an organized variety of stalls and eateries. Oxbow is a perfect place to come have lunch. If you've ever been to the Lunardi's Plaza in the Evergreen San Jose area on a Saturday morning (ooh I should do a review), Oxbow is much like that but indoors and with live music.

We came here specifically for this oyster stand and the trip was well worth it. But would you believe they don't sell any hogs? False advertisement I tell ya!

This is our precious only picture together from the whole trip. I look shiny and tan. Alot of celebrities want to achieve that look.

"I'm Congressman Phil, and I approve of these oysters."

Lunch at the Folio

Smoked Salmon Panini. I guess he liked it. But then again he likes everything.

Penne pasta with Ragu meat sauce, prawns, and artichoke hearts. It was aite. At least I got to customize my own pasta and it was pretty cheap. But nothing to wow about. Them prawns were huge though.

The pretty Kara's Cupcake stall. The Tiffany's of cupcakes. That lady there in the pink told me they don't make red velvet cupcakes because Kara's prides itself on not using artificial coloring in their recipes.

Oh hmm...if I liked cupcakes more, I'd drool over these. They're quite festive.

I didn't eat this vanilla and coconut frosting(?) cupcake. I just posed with it. But I bet it was good.

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