Tuesday, December 15

Napa 2009 - The Pearl Restaurant - Hendry's Vineyard - Uva Trattoria Italiana

Day 2 started off on a homely note with complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Man I love Marriott's free breakfast purely for the waffle maker. Had us some waffles and Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches.
Lunch was at The Pearl Restaurant in downtown Napa. Here it is sitting cute at the corner of Pearl Street.

Pearl has cute decor. Made me feel like I was in a mom and pop tapas restaurant in Mexico, not that I've ever been before.

After starting off on a good note with the dollar oysters, I ended lunch on a sad note with a pitiful baby spinach and salami salad.

Regrets. What was I thinking?

This one's a smartie. That fish sandwich was fantastic.

And now for the part you've all been waiting for, WINE TASTING IN NAPA!
We made reservations for Hendry's Winery and it was awesome!Pictures of the Hendry family way back in the day. You can see a picture of Mr. Hendry as a little baby playing in the river with no pants on. That is quite embarassing to have that displayed for all visitors of your vineyard.

My Philet Mignon walking a lonely path towards the endless acres of grape vines.

We didn't take many pictures of the tasting since it was an intimate event and snapping photos seemed inappropriate. The tasting was free, 11 wines plus a bonus because the tasting guide was nice, and you pour for yourself so you can be as heavy handed as you wish. Catch the rest of my review of Hendry's on Yelp here.

We had mixed opinions about dinner at UVA Trattoria Italiana. I thought it was just alright and he thought it was awesome. The fresh housemade pasta was good, but the rest was just meh...

Forgot what this was but it's seafood and pasta something.

Seafood spaghetti with housemade pasta. At least it was yummer than mine.

This was the saving grace. One scoop of hazelnut gelato and one scoop of the best vanilla gelato EVAR, with a thin wafer in between. Best way to end the night, and this entry.

The Pearl Restaurant on Yelp
Hendry's Vineyard and Winery on Yelp
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