Tuesday, December 15

Napa 2009 - Bounty Hunter Wine Bar and Smokin BBQ

A holla ka jolla! I have returned from a wonderful weekend in Napa full of food and drink and bloggery goodness! I will be releasing a series of entries detailing said foods and drinks.

Friday night: We braved rain, wind, snow, hail, storm, and traffic to arrive at The Fairfield Inn & Suites Napa American Canyon. When we got to the room, the window was open just a crack, and wind was blowing through, literally making that "wooOoOooOoOooOhhh" sound you hear ghosts make on TV. I was quite creeped out.This was the view outside our window. A whole field of I don't know what, looks like lettuce. When there's a small farm outside your hotel window, you know you're in Napa!

Onward ho to Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smokin BBQ.
This place was very yummy despite the dick of a bartender who did not tell us Happy Hour had ended after we ordered wine off the happy hour menu with the intention of buying one and getting one free. But at least the overcharged wine was delicious and the Harp Lager draft beer was good too. I'm starting to like my beers.The wine that was not buy one get one free sitting next to the beer that was.

The yummy ass BBQ sampler plate.

Yummy ass BBQ sampler looking sad cuz it's about to get eaten.

And damn right it should be sad, it did get eaten. Those house bbq sauces on the right were really good.

Literally, smokin BBQ.

After dinner we stopped by real quick at the Napa Premium Outlets which had absolutely nothing worth seeing and hence, I have no pictures to post.

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