Friday, December 4

Cupertino Village - Southland Flavor Cafe - Break Time Desserts - Cupertino

Can you be Asian-washed if you're already Asian? No, I guess then you're just fobby.

I haven't been to Cupertino Village since I was a kid so today's trip was quite a treat. I felt like I was on vacation to Asia. Cupertino Village has everything Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kong/etc. Of course everything just means food, books and media, and little trinket shops. But it was still a really fun night.

First stop, Southland Flavor Cafe. The food was decent. Chow Fun wasn't too bad but the wonton soup was bland. With 500+ items on the menu, I felt the wonton soup was someone's last ditch effort to think of the 500th dish to put on the menu. I will never know what the Salad Bamboo is because they ran out...oh Salad Bamboo...

Onwards to Break Time Desserts right next door. The hot tofu was delicious! One of my favorite Asian desserts ever and not every Asian place has it. Break Time Desserts will be revisited again one day.

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Southland Flavor Cafe on Yelp
Break Time Desserts on Yelp


  1. haha, cute video. "domo?" pause "the brown one?" you barely knew who he (she?) is.

  2. Ha, you can hear your janky ass camera zoom



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