Thursday, August 2

San Pedro Square Market - San Jose

San Pedro Square Market is San Jose's answer to Seattle's Pike Place, Napa's Oxbow Market, or San Francisco's Ferry Building. And it's about time we had a public market like this! The last time I visited San Pedro Square Market (let's just call it SPS), it was still an empty warehouse under construction for the eateries you are about to see below. In the patio area, there is a small stage with live music, dining tables and umbrellas.

These are only 3 of the multiple offerings inside SPS. My friends enjoyed thin crust pizzas from Pizza Bocca Lupo. Thanks to Foodie Stuntman's recommendation, I tried Little Chef Counter. Lastly, I ordered a refreshing smoothie from On a Roll Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

From the patio, looking in. A packed Saturday.

Someone ordered birthday girl this delicious drink, Fallon's Revenge. No relation to Jimmy. Refreshing cucumber with gin or vodka and club soda( I'm just guessing) and a hint of spice from jalapeno slices. Very tasty!

Phil found this blonde at the bar. She was a little bitter.

But he'll always go back to the brunettes, because we have more fun. =)

mm lamb gyro for $6 something. With a side of fries.

mm Duck Confit from Little Chef Counter for twice the price (~$13.95)! I had to try this because the word confit is sprinkled all over any Food Network show. Confit is a method of salt curing a piece of meat and poaching it in its own fat. I definitely tasted the fat in this but it was quite good. A little bland on the inside. Crispy skin on the outside. Could use some sauce on the dish overall. But I am still glad I tried it and it was not a total waste of money after all. Will I get it again? Probably not. Mind was not blown but wallet was...

Here is my $5 smoothie from On a Roll. A mix of mango and strawberry. Very refreshing and hits the spot but not the best smoothie ever and yes, a bit overpriced.

A jolly good time is being had by all.

Pizza Boca Lupo. I did not get to try any but the table seemed to like these thin crust gourmet pizzas.

Ending on an interior shot. It looks and feels very much like a sports bar on the inside but with a variety of eateries to choose from. Market meets sports bar. I definitely recommend you spend a Friday or Saturday night here if you don't want the "posh posh guys in Ed Hardy shirts and stone washed jeans douchebaggery" of Santana Row for your bar hopping needs.


  1. Hmmm... Chef Robert is usually better than that, I'm a little surprised. If you go back, try the poutine.

  2. finally figured out how to edit blogger settings - THE DASHBOARD. but anyway, 30 minutes later, here's what i wanted to comment:

    "Phil found this blonde at the bar. She was a little bitter." - heh heh

    1. Well worth the wait. I was hoping someone would notice my cleverly placed pun.

  3. I was really excited to see this post! I work in the building RIGHT next to San Pedro Market Sq... i've been waiting for this place to open for the longest time. I think it's pretty nice, and the decor is very much like Pike Market except smaller. I have gone to the pizza place a few times and I enjoy the oysters a lot at Blush Bar during their happy hour. Looks like you had a grand time over the weekend :D



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