Tuesday, August 7

Tea Eggs and Tea Chicken

Which came first? The tea chicken or the tea egg? Tea eggs were introduced to me only 3 years ago at a paddling meet where some teammates had brought them as easy, healthy, snacks between races. I was hooked! They have been on my "To Make" list since then and finally I had a chance to make it. Internet recipes are plenty so no need to follow my instructions. Just enjoy the pictures.

The basic ingredients are water, black tea, 1 star anise, and salt. In this batch above I am getting fancy with the bay leaf, ground black pepper, and even a chili pepper at the end. You can't taste it so don't even bother wasting these ingredients. It's ok to be heavy handed with the salt, 2 tablespoons. 2 bags of tea for a dozen eggs is better than 1. Simmer in a pot for 30 minutes-1hr. In another pot, hard boil eggs, let them cool, and crack the shells. Then soak the eggs in the tea mixture forever...OR alternatively soak for 24 hrs and/or continue simmering the eggs in the tea mix for a few hours. Who wants to waste electricity and watch a pot simmer? I just stored the eggs in the mixture and took my eggs out as I ate them.

On a different but similar note, you can marinate chicken in this mixture. I got this idea from my mother in law who gave us a few drumsticks in her tea mix. I thought it was a really neat idea so I marinated some drumsticks for 2 nights and then pan fried it.

Leave them on each side for 4-5 minutes on high and you'll get a nice crisp. Don't be afraid to make your tea brew stronger and saltier. I was light handed and this didn't have as much flavor as I wanted but you can still taste the subtle tea, the crispy salty skin, and a hint of star anise. YUMMY AND EASY!


  1. Fascinating. With the introduction of salt in the marinade, aren't you essentially brining the eggs?

    1. Yes, and the chicken as well. There's usually soy sauce in the brew but the recipe I looked up had none.



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