Sunday, August 12

Cake-Off4Kids and Rio Business Plan Competition

It is now time to leverage my uber influential online presence (hah!) to help spread the word about these next 2 South Bay/Silicon Valley related events.

If you love to bake or just to eat cakes, come check out the Cake-Off 4 Kids event in Sunnyvale on September 15th. Tickets are $20 and you eat all the cake you can eat. OR you can enter a cake in the contest for a chance to win the grand prize in a variety of categories. They still need 30 more bakers and could always use more tasters. Check out the event website for more information.

On a non-food related note, those who have been following my Facebook page know that I am gearing up for a class trip to Brazil next week. Our class will study entrepreneurship and the economic landscape of the 6th largest economy in the world. Brazil's economy is large on telecom, internet startups, import/export of raw materials, sugar cane and ethanol fuel production to name a few. In conjunction, we will host a business plan competition in Rio de Janiero. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring, entering, or judging the competition, please see the poster below. Thank you!

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