Sunday, July 8

Dusita Thai Cuisine - Santa Clara

I have driven by Dusita Thai in Santa Clara a few times but when it comes to Thai food, I always go back to my trusted Krung Thai. This time, with the insistence of a few friends and spurned by the long lines at Krung Thai, we hopped into Dusita Thai.

The decor was very vibrant. Shiny golds, purples, and greens in luxurious fabrics. I would take a picture but I usually leave that up to Phil to be the creeper who takes pictures of other diners.

($10.95) Large Tom Kha Chicken: spicy and sour coconut soup with chicken. This was very tasty. Actually I think it's better than the one at Krung Thai. Probably better than the one I had in Thailand which was too coconutty.

Medium spicy yellow curry with shrimp. Forgot the price. I handled this well but my friends tell me the medium is quite spicy. Nonetheless, its very delicious on top of white rice.

($8.95) Pad Thai Chicken: You can't go wrong with Pad Thai. While this was very good, Krung Thai is still the must be the texture of the noodles.

Duck Run: Stir fried roasted duck with curry paste, green beans with chili paste and red bell peppers. On the menu there is also a dish called "Chicken Run (But not fast enough)." Oh chuckles...The duck pieces were on the saltier side and there were much more green beans than there were duck pieces. Overall, the dish was good and flavorful. It was my second favorite dish of the night because its something different. The soup took first place and everything else was just the usual.

Dusita Thai is a good Thai restaurant that is closer to my house than my favorite, Krung Thai. While it does not surpass Krung Thai in many dishes, it is still a good option. Each dish is a bit over-seasoned with too much of everything (salty, spicy, oily, etc.) but not inedible. Just balance with a good helping of white rice. I really recommend the Duck Run and Tom Kha soup.Service was good, ambiance was beautiful, prices were decent.

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