Sunday, July 15

The Mediterannean Diet

This week, I am starting a Mediterranean diet. This will not really be a diet, just that I will begin eating a lot of dishes with Mediterranean ingredients. These include plant and vegetable based dishes, fish, chicken and lamb but I will use beef instead, beans, and healthy oils. Read more about the Mediterranean diet here.

I am not doing this for weight loss but mainly for energy. My main goal for the end of summer is to swim as much as possible to make use of the only season I can swim outdoors regularly. I will need energy and protein with all this swimming and I think the Mediterranean diet will compliment the exercise well, given its heart healthy benefits. Also, looking around the kitchen, the garden, and our usual shopping habits, it seems like I can whip up some good Mediterranean dishes without having to change up my entire pantry and fridge. We even bought a large tray of salmon and chicken from Costco today. The foods are prepared simply so it should be easy on my schedule.

Speaking of schedule, I have been working long hours lately and thought of some tips on how to do alot with a little bit of time.
  • I made large batches of healthy snacks that can keep for the week and I bring some snacks to eat at my desk. This helps curb the appetite so I do not binge during lunch time which is my only real break of the day.
  • Take the stairs. This advice has been overplayed and under appreciated. Really, take the stairs whenever possible. If I did not get out of work late, I would also park my car farther to make me walk farther. Only do this if you feel safe in your parking lot. 
  • Drink lots of water and then walk to the farther bathroom. Drinking water is good because it's always good but when it comes time to relieve the bladder, I purposely choose the farther bathroom so I have to walk more. 
  • Work standing up. My company has an ergonomics program and if employees feel the need, they can have their cubicles set up to enable working while standing. If you do not have this, you can just raise your keyboard and monitor and stand up for short intervals.
  • Drink your coffee black. Sugar and cream may help the taste but it's that little extra bit of calories you won't be burning off by sitting at your desk.
  • Play with your kids or pets. It'll burn off some calories, I'm sure.
 Unfortunate pictures can happen to good dogs too.

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