Wednesday, July 4

Independence Day - Easy Grilled Tri-Tip Marinade

Just a quick drive-by post today about the 4th of July lunch we just had. Independence day falls on a Wednesday this year, flanked on both sides by work days. I hosted a BBQ lunch for my family so we could end the day early and still have time to relax before going back to work tomorrow. 

I tried out this really excellent marinade recipe I found on Pinterest. The recipe is for flank steak and calls for grilling the steak then soaking it in marinade. Finding no cheap and fresh looking cuts of flank steak at the store late last night, we bought over 5lbs of tri-tip for only $18. Yay!Instead of trying a different tri-tip specific marinade, I decided to stick with the flank steak recipe and marinated overnight. I had to triple the original recipe. Make sure the marinade covers all the meat and for 5lbs, you will need a large bowl.

Grillin grillin grillin...

 Crispy on the outside

Juicy on the inside. We like our steaks medium-rare

Baby greens salad

Sauteed mushroom and onions in olive oil and a tiny bit of butter

Pesto green beans, an easy go-to side dish, and brown rice

Top it off with Corona and ta-da, Happy 4th of July!

What did you eat today?

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