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First Republic Bank Food Truck Event - Palo Alto

When my classmate invited a group of us to First Republic Bank's free food truck event for clients and potential clients, I could not miss the opportunity. My main goal was for the Treatbot truck which I absolutely loved at the Moveable Feast event. For the first time ever, First Republic Bank in Palo Alto hosted a free event with 3 featured food trucks and a wine/beer selection for their clients and potential clients. Since the event was free, I cannot comment on the pricing of the foods mentioned below.

Giveaways included a stuffed eagle, which is on the First Republic Bank logo. There were also packages that included the Zagat SF Bay Area Restaurants guide for 2012. I am definitely looking forward for using it. I have already used the wine opener in the pack and have given away my tin of chocolates to a chocolate lover who appreciates it much more than I do. These are great giveaways.

Our first stop was a taco station by Anytime is Taco Time. We had protein choices of chorizo, chicken, pork, or beef. I opted for chorizo and chicken. After adding toppings of green salsa, radishes, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime, these tacos were delicious. Probably not as good at the Tres Gringos taco stand in front of the Improv in downtown San Jose, but still very good and well seasoned tacos.

The wonder and magic of Sam's Chowder Mobile was previously unbeknownst to me. Oh Sam's Chowder Mobile, why have I not eaten your food before?

Shrimp Po' Boy with fries. You can't see it here but there is a bun on the bottom and top of the pile of shrimps. The shrimps were fried goodness dressed with a light dab of tartar sauce on top of a bed of shredded cabbage and tomato slices. I would have liked them to market this as popcorn shrimp in a small cup or something instead. I can't imagine making a whole sandwich out of this.

Fish and Chips: I can't give an accurate review of fish and chips because I don't like it. The fish is usually too oily when prepared this way and the combination of fish and chips feels too heavy. My friend seemed to like this item though.

Clam Chowder: Good but unremarkable.

This is the money maker right here. Sam's Lobster Roll is so good. Large chunks of lobster on a fluffy buttery roll. Yes, it does taste a little like a heart attack but its too good to miss. There's cole slaw on the side if you want to balance your meal with some greens. I ate the rolls alone and it was delicious. I even got back in line for 2 more so I could take home and have for lunch the next day. By the way, still just as good when heated the next day.

From Treatbot: Chocolate chip cookies with a scoop of the 408 ice cream. The 408 is caramel ice cream with fudge chunks. The first half of the sandwich was delicious until I got a big fat sugary stomach ache. This sandwich should be shared. No person could safely consume so much sugar. Yummy nonetheless.

What do you think?
Would you like your bank to host a similar event for you, your family, and your friends? For me, unfortunately I am not high net worth enough for a bank like First Republic but if I ever got to that point, I would like to establish a more personal relationship like this with my bank. When I have more money to manage and to spend, I want to get to know the people handling it. I hope this event was successful for First Republic.

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