Monday, February 8

San Jose Improve - Ari Shafir 2010

On a bored random Wednesday, I was fortunate that JB invited me to the Improv with her for a free showcase of comedians. No, Bobby Lee was not headlining that night, it was Ari Shafir.

yep...that guy. I tried to find a youtube clip that did him some justice but umm he's just not that great. He supposedly had an HBO show? I think I can count on one hand how many times I laughed during his set. 

Anyway, I brought my camera and was hoping to take pictures and record things to blog about, because that's all I think about nowadays when I go out is how I can blog about it later. I do it all for you guys, I swear...but JB told me that if I was caught video taping we'd get kicked out. So the pictures on this entry are stolen from yelp. BUT HOW COME THEY GOT TO TAKE PICTURES?!?!

IMPROV stage

View from the second floor

This is the only photo I can claim as my own. Taken from my camera phone from across the street. You can't even make out the neon letters of Improv. It's just a big pink glow and some specks of people out front.

And here's why I was taking the picture from across the street:
We stopped by the taco stand in front of Tres Gringos (Mexican club/bar) for the best tacos I have ever eaten in my whole entire life! I used to hate Mexican food, but this taco stand has taught me that I only hate burritos, enchiladas, some quesadillas, and basically anything that isn't a Tres Gringos taco. $2 for a steak taco, drizzle some spicy sauce, squeeze a lime, put cilantro, onions and bam!

I had never been to a live comedy show before and I was very impressed, or you can say I was IMPROVed. The headliner wasn't so great but some of the opening acts were funny. I still quote a few of their jokes. I don't know what the regular admission is because I got in free that night. Maybe I'll pay full price and also buy dinner next time so I can give a complete review. Best part of the night/week was that taco. Why oh why did I only eat one?

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