Friday, February 5

Dessert Republic - San Mateo

Welcome to Dessert Republic in San Mateo. I don't know if you've caught wind of this yet, but I'm into Asian things, including hanging out in Asian cafes that make me feel like I'm in Hong Kong and Dessert Republic is just like a cheap trip overseas.

While you eat, you can stare across at the lovely painted houses along the lovely painted street.

I've had better calamari, ones that didn't taste fishy. But the pickled onion shavings on top were a nice touch.

Mmm my favorite dessert item of all time is soft tofu with syrup. This is soft tofu with red bean which was pretty good but I like the classic syrup better. (ref. Break Time Desserts for a better version)

Fried chicken wings, aka MSG wings. But it's so good, as are most carcinogen laced poultry products.

 Photo courtesy of thepetticoat5 from last time we ate here. I just thought this was so cute. Mango pudding that comes in Hello Kitty shapes.

That's all folks. Not much to say about this place, just your local hang out for quick cheap food in snack sized portions.

Dessert Republic on Yelp 

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